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About Us  

We see things differently at Litiholo, and we want you to experience that as well.

We see a world where holograms are as commonplace as photographs. Holograms should be in every business and every home, and you should be showing wallet holograms of your new baby to everyone who will look.

Liti Holographics

Holograms are our passion at Litiholo, and the passion of Paul Christie, our co-founder. After studying Applied Physics at Columbia University and receiving a Master's Degree from MIT, Mr. Christie wanted to create a company that would make the power of hologram technology affordable and accessible to everyone.

At Litiholo, a division of Liti Holographics, that's just what we do. We think that making holograms should be as fun and simple as playing with Legos. And even though our R&D team uses the latest technology, and invents even more technology, Mr. Christie always remembers that he first became interested in holography through a 5th grade science project.

Litiholo is a division of Liti Holographics. To learn more about the people behind Liti, please visit our Liti Holographics Management webpage






About Us

We love making holograms!

From our roots at MIT, we wanted to make holograms easy enough for scientists of all ages to enjoy.

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