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Hologram Lasers  

Make high quality holograms with our tested, proven, and safe Litiholo Hologram Lasers!



Hologram Lasers

If you need a replacement laser or if you are experimenting with your own holography set up, purchase lasers from Litiholo that we have tested and know will make great holograms.

5mW Red Laser Diode

5mW Red Holographic Laser Diode

20mW Red Laser Diode

20mW Red Holographic Laser Diode
*This is a higher-power laser, it is shipped without a focusing lens to ensure safe use. Please use caution when focusing laser

Green Laser

Coming Soon!


Blue Laser


Coming Soon!


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We love making holograms!

From our roots at MIT, we wanted to make holograms easy enough for scientists of all ages to enjoy.

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